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Guide: OBDSTAR X300 DP renew key PCF79XX adapter unlock Audi 5 Generation key

Post on how to use OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter to unlock Audi 5 Generation key by working together with OBDSTAR X300 DP(Orange)/ OBDSTAR X300 key master DP(Green). FYI, OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter is designed for BMW, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, GM, Kia, Hyundai etc.

That means, please prepare the two tools:
OBDSTAR renew key PCF79XX adapter
OBDSTAR X300 DP or OBDSTAR X300 key master DP

Monday, August 28, 2017

OBDSTAR X300 DP Program VW Touareg 5th Immo All Keys Lost

In this article,China OBD2 engineer introduce How to program new key for VW Touareg 2011 5th Gen immo all key lost by OBDSTAR X300 DP and RFID VAG 4th & 5th immo programming adapter.

  Well connect OBDSTAR X300 DP and RFID adapter, VCI adapter with vehicle
Please connect VCI to main unit by USB to keep stability of vehicle communication

OBDSTAR Devices on sale! Ends 09 / 01 / 2017

OBDSTAR devices on sale at bottom price!
Ends 09 / 01 / 2017
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Hot OBDSTAR devices price:
X300 DP standard version $685 free shipping; OBDSTAR X300 DP full $859 free shipping
X300 PRO3 key master $439 free shipping
All OBDSTAR devices on sale at bottom price in the history, details in the below table.


OBDSTAR on sale, ends 09/01/2017

No. Item No. OBDSTAR Tools Unit Price ($) Shipping
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2 SK164-B X-100 PRO (C+E) $279.00 free
3 SK164-D EEPROM Adapter for X100 PRO $65.00 free
4 SK165-C X-200 Pro A+B $219.00 free
5 SK196 X300 PRO3 STD package $439.00 free
6 SK196-B X300 PRO3 Full Package $591.00
7 SS187 F100 Mazda/Ford $139.00 free
8 SK211 F101 Toyota $111.00 free
9 SS145-B F102 Nissan/Infiniti $79.00 free
10 SS196 F104 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep $167.00
11 SS189 F108 PSA PIN CODE $167.00
12 SS192 F109 SUZUKI Pin Code Calculator $99.00 free
13 SM54 VAG PRO $87.00 free
14 SM52 X300M $215.00 free
15 SP283 X300 DP full package $859.00 free
16 SP283-B X300 DP standard package $685.00 free
17 SP290 DP PAD $495.00 free
18 SK218 VW 4&5 GEN RFID Adapter $210.00 free
19 SO430 ET108 USB Inspection Camera $49.99 free
20 SK220 RT100 Remote Tester Frequency/Infrared IR $29.99 free
21 AD110 TP50 Intelligent Detection on Tire Pressure $195 free

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & Odometer reset car list & Feedback

This post includes the most comprehensive OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & Remote car list and Odometer reset car list, and followed with the procedures on how to use OBDSTAR X300 DP, then ends with OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & Remote feedback and OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & Remote Odometer reset feedback.

Part 1: OBDSTAR X300 DP vehicle list of IMMO and Odometer reset
  1. Attach OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO car list:

After download it, you can see X300 DP is compatible with 64 car brands worldwide, it can program key, read security code and diagnose via OBD (as a bonus).

How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP to program key?
Here some posts writing with procedure and pictures:
OBDSTAR X300 DP+ RFID Adapter program key VW 4th 5th IMMO OK
OBDSTAR X300 DP review diagnose KIA Sportage engine airbag

How OBDSTAR X300 DP do All Key Lost for Toyota with G via OBDII
OBDSTAR X300DP Key Master Program Keys for Hyundai Elantra 2011

  1. Attach OBDSTAR X300 DP odometer reset car list:

After download it, you can see X300 DP is compatible with mainly 7 car brands incl. VW Audi Skoda Seat, Bentley, Benz, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Porsche and many other brands (8 pages in total)
Take VGA models for example, X300 DP can read write mileage, Read EEPROM, write EEPROM, etc.

How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP to reset odometer?
Here two posts writing with procedure and pictures:
OBDSTAR X300 DP review change 2012 Ford Focus mileage OK in 2 min
3 Steps to Adjust Mileage for Cadillac ATSL 2016 with OBDSTAR X300DP 
For more, refer to the OBDSTAR X300 DP user manual.

Part 2: OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & mileage reset Feedback:

  1. OBDSTAR X300 DP IMMO & Remote Feedback:
-Maruthi Suzuki key programming in 2 min, Hyundai I 20 key programming done , Hyundai verna fludic remote done in few seconds. Yes, it can do key lost and also u can add.
-Honda cars,both making a spare and all key lost and remote programming,so far never failed.
-Mitsubishi Pajero 2014. All key lost OK.
-Hyundai i 10 Key ok...
-Hyundai i 10 remote ok .
-Hyundai i 10 grand remote in 2 min ok
-honda crv 2008 remote and key ok
-jeep cherokee 2008 remote and key ok
-mazda cx9 2009 smart key ok
-Ford Eecosport 2015 Flip key programming ok...
-Suzuki Ignis 2003 all lost key, programming new key OK.
-Hyundai GETS 2007 KEY OK
-Range rover sport hse 2012 start button , all key lost OK
-2013 Elantra remote OK
-2007 VW Rabbit add key and remote OK
-2012 Town&County smart key OK
-2002 Jetta add key FAIL (vehicle not supported msg, cant even read pin code)
-2007 Quest add key OK
-2008 Accord add key OK
-2016 Subaru Forester add keys OK, remote program FAIL
-Range rover sport 2007 add key ok
-subaru outback 2008 add key ok
-infinity fx 2009 smart key ok
-Audi a4 2006 rb8 dash diesel engine read pin from ecu Ok
-Mazda 2 2009 all ok job done in seconds
-Tucson 2014 .. key and remote programing ok
-ford raptor 2012 key programing ok at least 2 keys must have
-ford expedition 2011 all key lost ok
-accent 2012 key programming pin read ok
-i10 2012 read pin and swap ecu (ecm neutrelize) ok all ok
-prado txl and gx 2013 smart key programming ok \
-prado 2012 ignition key programming ok \
-Good tool for Honda. transponder + smart even all keys lost.
-Nissan leaf,Xtrail both are ok
-Toyota Hilux add g chip key easily. did one for all keys lost with eeprom adapter too.
-Toyota innova key added Ok
-2010 Ford Ranger,4D63.. all key lost OK.
- Mazda 5 2006 all key lost ok
- Honda Amaze petrol 2015 key + remote in 15 min ok
Chevrolet camaro 2010 ALL KEY LOST ok, but you have to put security code...x100pro cannot read it
- Mitsubishi pagero 2012 yes
-Mazda cx9 2011 programmed smart key ok
-Renault v30.50 pin code read logan 2008 OK
-Mazda cx9 2011 ... programming smart key work ok
-Ford Mondeo 2.0 diesel smart key, add key 2012 ok
- I programmed virgin 7936 to a Suzuki grand vitara choice by type it was 2010 ... all key lost all ok
-Land rover LR3 2008 key and remote ok
-Mazda cx9 2011 ... programming smart key work ok
-Ford Mondeo 2.0 diesel smart key, add key 2012 ok
-programmed virgin 7936 to a suzuki grand vitara choice by type it was 2010 ... all key lost all ok.
- I did transit with blue remote 2010 through all keys lost. Key added OK.
- Nissan frontier 2016 inteligente key ok
- Today I used Subaru options, not need any passwords.
- Programming key for opel omega 2001 type 2....ok.
I already have the pin

  1. OBDSTAR X300 DP mileage reset Feedback:  
GM vehicles…test ok:
Chevy Trailblazer 2008 & 2004 Fail “Fail to connect” …tried a few other chevy but the miles reading was far off.
Town and Country 2009 – OK…Surprisingly it did both Cluster and SRI in one shot.
Chevy Avalanche 2007-2012/2013 OBD Read & Write = OK
Chevrolet silverado 2007 ok
cadillac escalade 2010 ok ( it show old mileage)
gmc terrain 2010 ok (show old mileage)
cadillac srx 2010 ok(show old mileage- need to turn ignition off then on to show new mileage)
Chevrolet Aveo / Sonic 2013, try to lower it by Aveo / Sonic, the reading was correct, but to re-enter the new mileage: fail security, treated by Cadillac ATS 2013, and there were no problems, perfect job.
Chevy cruze 2016 —- ok 30s
Chevrolet Captiva 2009 year, micro motorola, all ok working
Chevrolet suburban 2007 ok .. it show old mileage…. i have do 3
Vauxhall Vivaro 2013 – couldnt do it
Chevrolet Trailblazer 2015 OK, 5 seconds job for rollback KM
GMC c4500 2004 work with GMC Savana OK
Chevy captiva 2009 …… great success

Jaguar Landrover…test ok
Jaguar XE 2015 obd ok first backup then do mileage
Range Rover 2011 OBD ok
Range rover Evoque 2013 ODOMETER_MILEAGE ok
Range Rover Evoque 2014 flawless
Range rover 2013 ok ( doesn’t show old mileage…. it ask you only yo write new mileage )
Range Rover Evouge 2016 – miles OK
Pathfinder 2015 – OBD =OK Read & Write.

VAG vehicles…test ok:
Audi q5 2011 ok wait 15 min
VW Passat 3BG 2002 -> OBD (KLine) = ok
2015 Range Rover Vogue
Skoda Octavia 2002 -> OBD = OK
Seat Ibiza 6J 2010 -> OBD = OK
Scirocco mileage 2008 OK
2008 vw rabbit >ad key OK
VW Golf V 2005 -> OBD = ok
Maserati Quattroporte V 2004 -> OBD = ok
VW Golf V 2005 -> OBD = ok
2004 Audi A4 OK…  …. and 2012 Mazda2 OK …  eventually OK…
Audi A4 2007 ok Mazda 3 2012 ok date backup and miles correction Chevy Malibu 2015 OK
Skoda Superb 2013 -> OBD = OK
04 audi a4 rb4 OK.. Around 10min
Audi A4 RB4 2004 OK
04 audi a4 rb4 OK.. Around 10min
A3 2005, Fujitsu – OK
Volkswagen jetta 08 – OK. Had to choose option from magotan.
Touran 2013 NEC+24C64 13- OK
GOLF 6 2009 nec+24c32 OK
Mazda 3 skyactive, After actualitation, perfect work.
Beetle 2014 OK wih backup file option….
Audi A4 2007 RB8 OK
Ford Chrysler…test ok:
-Ford Fiesta 2014 works with x100 pro. but maybe not all displays..Ford Fiesta amber and blue colour dash works fine i have done many
-2013 Chrysler Town and Country >ad smart key OK
-Ford Transit 2014 blue screen dash – couldnt do it, I tried by focus and new mondeo. Read correct miles by focus, but after adjustment cluster was frozen. Reconnect battery sorted that problem.
Ford Mondeo Mk4 2013, dash color , OK… 2 min.
FORD focus 2012 ok. i do it with ford focus 2013- menu .. take about 1 minute
Ford Fiesta 2016 obd ok (1min)
Ford fiesta 2012 red screen. obd ok.
Ford Ranger 2016 work OK.
Ford ranger 2016 mcu spc560 obdstar x100 can do
-Ford Expedition 2011 year OK
When the tool is connected the cluster is in off state then the reading set to miles
input mileage and press enter,
the cluster show ERROR on display and cluster goes to OFF status (dont be afraid, it is normal)
wait until the tool displayed “Adjustment complete”
you will see the new value when the cluster goes to ON state again
– porsche panamera 2014 (facelift) hybride! obd ok. 5min
(only mileage. no hours)
Jeep Vehicles…test ok:
2014 jeep Cherokee obd OK
jeep grand cherokee 2012 done 3 today ok (it show me exact old mileage)
jeep cherokee 2008 ok ( old mileage is wrong ) but when you write it the mileage is ok
Jeep compas 2008 cvt perfect work , 2 min.
Jeep compass 2008 ok 30 sec
Jeep grand cherokee 2014 DASH BIG SCREEN ok LESS THEN 30 second
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 , perfect works 2 min aprox.

Hyundai Nissan cars…test ok:
Hyundai tucson 2016 w renesas ok
Hyundai tucson 2016 w renesas ok
Nissan Leaf 2015 Electric Car mileage correction ok via obd. select Altima and ok
2013 Hyundai elantra 24c16 OK

Mazda vehicles…test ok:
Mazda 3 2008 to change dashboard, program keys, align ECU<>dash, make eeprom backup, make odo …OK
Mazda 3 2011 with red numbers by Obd,.. ok
Mazda RX8 mileage correction ok via obd
Mazda Damio 2010 mileage correction ok via obd. 93c56
Mazda 6 2005 ok
Mazda cx9 2010 ok (show old mileage)
Mazda 3 2017, Read and Write OBD = OK
Mazda CX7 2007 OBD Read & Write = OK
Golf 4 2002. obd ok. 5min (did read old mileage perfect)
mazda3 2007 ok
Mazda 3. 2004. obd ok.
mazda6 2010 ……………..ok
-Mazda3 on bench OK
need switch in positive line, if the Tool ask to switch ignition on/of, do it with the switch
Power supply connected in OBD cable DC input,
I nave also done this in CX7 before
it can be done also for some dash,
just find the power up, then the CAN signal pin
to find the CAN signal pin look for the CAN ferrite coil where it was go….

Fiat cars… test ok:
Fiat 500 2011 0.9 dualogic OK
Fiat Qubo_2009; Fiat Fiorino_2010; Fiat Doblò_ 2012 program dash-KM ok are equal protocol. Programming do it fine.
Fiat bravo 1.4 turbo jet 2012 abarth , perfect work.
Fiat albea ok with obdstar
Fiat Doblo 1,6 2011-OK

Kia vehicles… OK
kia rio 2016 D70F………….ok
kia rio 2015 D70F3423 OK about 1 minute
Kia Rio5. 2012. Done in a flash
KIA RIO 2016 —— OK
Kia rio 2015 obd ok
Others…test ok
Maserati Quattroporte V 2004 -> OBD = ok
Peugeot Boxer 2014 – miles OK
azera grandeur 2013 ok
Today I did this car I20 via obd i got exat km in the cluster .
Dodge ram 2500 2005 dash ok
CX5 2013 done in seconds via obd. Only thing was reading in miles instead of KM. When programming need to input km in miles.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

OBDSTAR TP50 TPMS Activator & Reset Tool Reviews

If you have tire pressure to active, reset data and diagnose, and if you are looking for an original handheld device, that is OBDSTAR TP50. OBDSTAR TP50 works on 315MHz and 433MHz Tire Pressure Sensor.

OBDSTAR TP50 workable car list:
Generally speaking, OBDSTAR TP50 works on the vehicle brands from Asia, Europe, America and Chinese. 

Why choose OBDSTAR TP50 instead of Autel / Foxwell tools?
  1. OBDSTAR TP50wins price, $210incl. shipping worldwide.
  2. OBDSTAR TP50has more functions (active, reset data and diagnoseTPMS) than Foxwell NT1001 which is only an activator.

OBDSTAR TP50 features:
1.Fast and Stable Operation: CPU: ARM7, it will quickly take you from one page to another page.
2.HD Color Display Screen: The test result will display on TF 320x240
3.Shockproof and Durable Design: it is easy to hold on your palms not easy to slip.
4.Support High Capacity TF Card

OBDSTAR TP50 package includes:
1pc x OBDSTAR TP50 main unit
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x SD Card
1pc x SD Card Reader
1pc x TP50 user manual
1pc  x Charging power
1pc  x Certificate
1pc  x annular magnet

Article from OBDSTAR Tech Blog:OBDSTAR TP50 TPMS Activator & Reset Tool Reviews

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New! OBDSTAR ET-108 ET108 USB Inspection Camera $50 free shipping

The newly-released OBDSTAR ET-108 ET108 USB Inspection Camera adopts flexible waterproof tube with HD camera to check the inner car situation which can't reached by human eyes, playing an important role in engine clean and maintenance.

Using an ET-108 device, car problems can be quickly found and the machine damage in disassembly can be largely avoided.

What brands of tablet OBDSTAR ET108 work with?

So far OBDSTAR ET108 can only works together with OBDSTAR X300 DP and OBDSTAR DP PAD(Confirmed).

OBDSTAR engineer is now testing APP, and in the coming days, ET108 can work tother with more and more brands tablet (Under development).

OBDSTAR ET108 VS Autel MaxiVideo MV105:

Similarities: Perform same function


1) sales for a better price $50 free shipping worldwide; Autel MaxiVideo MV105 8.5mm price $45 / 5.5mm price $65

2) 6 pieces of dimmable LED lights

3) Optional with 4 kinds of probes

How to use OBDSTAR ET108?

It is a piece of cake to use OBDSTAR ET108.

Plug the USB end of OBDSTAR ET108 into the X300 DP or X300 PRO3 Key Master, then click the icon "VIDEOSCOPE",

 OBDSTAR ET108 specification:

Len O.D.(mm): 7.0mm

Sensor Size: 1/12"

Resolution: 640*480

Frame Rate: 30fps

View Angle: 60°

Focus Distance:30-80mm

White Comparison: Automatic

Exposure Light: Automatic

Dimmable LED: 6pcs

Operating Temperature:0℃ to 60℃

Tube O.D.(mm): 6.4mm

Tube Length:800mm

Bending Radius: 50mm

USB Cable Length: 620mm

USB Port: USB 1.1/2.0

Power Support: 5V DC via USB

Photo Format: JPEG

Video Format: AVI

Mirror/Magnet/Hook: Yes

OBDSTAR ET108 more detailed pictures:

Friday, June 16, 2017

OBDSTAR ET108 USB Inspection Camera introduction

OBDSTAR  ET-108 USB Inspection Camera, adopts flexiblewaterproof tube with HD camera to check the inner car situation which can'treached by human eyes, playing an important role in engine clean and maintenance.With ET-108 device, car problems can be quickly found and the machine damage indisassembly can be largely avoided.

More information about OBDSTAR ET108 Pls visit :

Article From OBDSTAR: