OBDSTAR F101 TOYOTA Immo(G) Reset tool ,supports remote, programming Auto Keys and smart key of TOYOTA vehicles,Support All Keys Lost.
OBDSTAR F101 Advantages:
1.Supports All keys lost
2.One Key Upgrade, Online update free for 1 year
3.No need to buy tokens . 4. No need to connect with computer, just plug and play,it will automatically transfer.

OBDSTAR F101 Features: 

1. Supports 4D(67,68) chip immobilizer reset (All keys lost).
2. Supports 72 chip(WITH G,EUROPE) immobilizer reset(All keys lost).American TOYOTA with G key Reset will upgrade soon!
3. Support smart key reset before 2009 (All keys lost).
4. Add/clear Keys for most TOYOTA cars.
5. Add/clear smart keys for most TOYOTA cars.
6. Add/clear remotes for most TOYOTA cars.
7. With good man-machine interaction.
8.Software update:Free update for 1 year via TF card on www.dbscar.com ,after that, it will cost 80USD/year

More detail information about OBDSTAR F101,pls visit below website;


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